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2017.10.19 "Reconstructing Sydney Harbour" 특강

관리자 | 2017.10.25 17:13 | 조회 2250

Governance and Urban Development In Central Sydney Peter Armstrong 2017


Dr. Peter Armstrong, professor from University of Sydney gave a lecture on Governance and Urban Development in Central Sydney.


지난 20171019일 한양대 도시대학원 신소재공학관 610호에서는 시드니대학교 Peter Armstrong 교수님께서

<시드니의 도시형성과정 및 공간구조>라는 주제로 특강이 있었습니다.

Emer. Prof. Peter Armstrong visited GSUS and had a special talk about the current issue in Sydney Harbour on 19th of Oct. 2017. The main point of his talk was the balance or compromise between economic and political aspects for developing over that area. Firstly we could understood the history of Sydney and the change in harbor area through the time in terms of a spatial structural design and a fundamental concept in pursuit of effective use and improved value of harbour of Sydney, which is again quite representative to Sydney eventually. These days this area is faced with the matter of growing population due to immigration to Australia, and most of the immigrant stay in Sydney on a either short or long-term period. As Sydney is already fully packed with civilians, they need to develop a more efficient plan based on the cooperation between government and the economic world, and this is on-going task in Sydney. 

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